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Quick2Host Business Mail provides 98% antispam, robust antivirus, and advanced synchronization with MS Outlook and BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices.

Business Email

The Cost-effective Microsoft Exchange™ Alternative
Quick2Host Business Mail is a feature-rich Windows mail server that brings the powerof enterprise-level functionality and collaboration to businesses and hostingenvironments. Quick2Host Business Mail provides98% antispam, robust antivirus, detailed reporting, events/notifications, throttling, email archiving, intrusion detection/prevention, and advanced synchronization with Microsoft Outlook™ and Over-the-Air support for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices.

World-class Web Interface
Quick2Host Business Mail delivers an industry-leading Web interface for accessing email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes as well as complete server administration. The optimized AJAX Web interface will be intuitive for Microsoft Outlook™ users as it makes use of drag-and-drop, keyboard shortcuts, pop-up windows, snapping panes, splitters, and tab controls. Full collaboration functionality and shared calendars, tasks, notes, and folders are available as well as reminders and alerts—bringing the features and performance of a desktop application to the Web.

Business Email Plans
General Information Silver Gold
 Price/Mailbox Rs. 500/mailbox/YR/- Rs. 450/mailbox/YR-
 One time setup FREE FREE
 No Of Email Accounts 1 5
 Storage Per Mail Boxes Size 5 GB/account 5 GB/account
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General Features    
 Over-the-Air BlackBerry, iPhone& Windows Mobile
 Synchronization with SyncML
 Additional calendar views
 View the availability of attendees
 Reminders System
 Enable/disable sounds for reminders
 Personal contacts, calendars, tasks and notes
 Shared contacts, calendars, tasks and notes
 Global address list (GAL)
 Shared email folders
 LDAP server
 Microsoft Outlook™ 2000-07 Synchronization
Antispam/Antivirus/Security Features    
 Whitelisting IPs (for Greylisting)
 Create custom spam weights
 Outbound spam checking and blocking
 SMTP connection level blocking for certain spam checks
 Advanced domain and user content filtering
 Automatic internal spammer detection
 99.5% Virus Protection
 Supports SSL/TLS connections
 Active Directory authentication (ADX)
Ajax Webmail Features    
 Compose / read messages in a popup or inline
 Drag and drop, right click menus, and keyboards shortcuts
 Optimized AJAX controls provide desktop application performance
 Message priorities (high, normal, and low)
 Automatic save as draft
 Upload attachments in the background
 Extensive use of snapping panes
 Choose preview pane location
 Message Status Icons
 User-level Auto Clean
 AJAX Spell-Check
 Auto-Complete for address fields
 POP Retrieval from external accounts
 RSS, RDF, and Atom news feed integration
 Import and export contacts
 Support for user/domain aliases
 Rich text editing
 Multi-language capable
 Auto signature
 HTML email compatible

Business Email Features

Collaboration for the Office and the Enterprise
Quick2Host Business Email provides robust collaboration features that most people associate with more expensive mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange™. Collaboration features—such as folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes—can be fully synchronized with Microsoft Outlook™ and mobile devices (BlackBerry™, iPhone™, Windows Mobile™, and more). Quick2Host Business Email is built from the ground up to be a foundation for a complete communications platform.

Complete Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook™
Users have the ability to fully utilize Microsoft Outlook™ beyond the capabilities of most mail servers. Users can “two-way” sync between the Quick2Host Business Mail Web interface and Microsoft Outlook™—allowing changes and additions to folders, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes to be concurrently available in both applications.

Over-the-Air Synchronization with BlackBerry™, iPhone™, and Windows Mobile™ Devices
Quick2Host Business Mail includes the SyncML protocol to achieve Over-the-Air synchronization of contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Users can send and receive email messages directly from their mobile devices. Most devices are supported, including BlackBerry™ (Curve™, 8830, etc.), iPhone™, and Windows Mobile™ devices (Motorola Q™, Palm Treo™, Samsung BlackJack™, etc.). Not all functionality is available on all devices. Additional information is available on the SmarterTools Website.

Powerful Web Interface – Collaborate Anywhere
Quick2Host Business Mail delivers all of the coordination and communication functionality that you expect from your office desktop—to any pc with an internet connection—anywhere in the world through a familiar and intuitive Web interface. Users have access to shared calendars and the availability of their co-workers to schedule appointments. Tasks can be assigned and emails managed 24/7 with accuracy, speed, and security.

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