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How to transfer my hosting to

Its very easy to make your domain point to servers.

Step 1 - Get the nameservers: Contact our support team by opening a ticket or giving a call to 09602211444. They will provide you nameserver and IP Address. Nameserver details typically look like this:    []    []

Please note that the above are representative nameservers only. We have many web servers and your nameserver might be different. Please contact support and they will be able to provide you the nameserver for your domain.

Step 2 - Update nameservers in your domain control panel: Your current domain registrar must have given you some control panel for your domain administration. (If not, contact them now! Its your right to get the domain control panel.) In the control panel, there will be an option to change your website nameservers. Just enter the details provided by our support staff and save. You're done!

It might take upto 24 hours for your domain to point to our server. This delay is normal and its called "DNS Propagation period".
The above step will transfer your hosting to If you want to transfer your domain also, please check the Knowledgebase article - "How to transfer my domain to"

NEED HELP? Call our award winning support team 24/7 at 09602211444